About Us

We started our midget delivery agency back in 2004 and now we have over 30 locations across the USA


We are open 24 hours and even open on most holidays because we want your business


Did you know that we have over 350 costumes and our wardrobe is growing everyday


Our rates start off at $375 but can go up depending on your zip code and what city and state your in

Special Attire

We can do any attire you want or even if we have get it made " some customers even privide attire

Our Services

We deliver midget entertainers, impersonators, hosts, bartenders, waiters, exotic dancers, strippers, wrestlers, pranks, and now we even offer dwarf tossing to the states where its legal for all os those crazy events

Our Performers

These little people performers are very professional and are either actors or comedians

Why Choose Us

We are the only agency that services every state in USA and we know our business very well


Ask about oure specials especially when you order multiple hours with us for your event

Rent Midgets USA

Popular Costumes

Hire mini elvis, marilyn monroe, elves, elf, kiss, donald trump, cop, mini strippers, leprechaun, umpa lumpa.

Cool Acts

Rent jennifer lopez, kanye west, michael jackson, kim kardashian, scary clown, eminem, fireman.

New Entertainers

Order game of thrones, star wars, smurf, wrestling, pranks, wedding minister, village people, smurf.

New Updates

The newest thing at the moment is midget wrestling, bowling, hosting, and tossing and we offer these services all across the USA at great affordable prices along with very professional tiny entertainers, Great midgets are hard to find and somtimes your city or zip code might now have local professional entertainers available but no need to worry because our company serves the enire USA. Thats correct we fly our employees out mostly from our las vegas or los angeles airports like LAX or McCarran international airport so if you or your company needs midgets asap make sure you contact us today for a free quote and do not forget that with every order comes a costume, attire, act, props, makeup, music, gear, and whatever is needed for you event.

Mini Kiss
Mini Elvis