Costumes and attire is a must when ordering some midgets from us and we love to let our customers know that we have over 350 costumes and acts to choose from and some of the most popular costumes starting with president donald trump, drake, village people, fireman, fortnite, spiderman, batman, superman, batman, umpa lumpa, oopma loompa, leprechauns, chucky, elvis, kiss, kid rock, midget wrestlers, motley crue, cupid, dwarf tossing, train operator, flame juggler, singing telegram, waiter, waitress, madonna, britney spears, kim kardashian, marilyn monroe, michael jackson, clowns, exotic dancers, strippers, game of thrones, garth brooks, tyrion lannister, lady gaga, referee, youtube actors, cowboy, indian, hosts, servers, bartenders, waiters, waitress, baby, christmas elf or elves and many more.( Customers Can Also Provide Attire For Our Little People Entertainers )

Over 350 Costumes